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We Buy, Sell, and Repair Pallets


Westside Pallet, Inc. started in the small community of Newman, California in 1994 by Norbert and Bernie Rocha. The business started out small from their private residence but quickly grew into a solid part of the farming and food processing community. Pallets are an often over looked but a vital part of the commerce in and around the Central Valley of California. Westside Pallet, Inc. strives to meet and exceed the demand of our community and provide a service of excellence to all of our clients.

Family Owned for 21 Years to Expertly Bring You Pallets

Where customers make a difference! Westside Pallet, Inc. is staffed with knowledgeable people who make sure each customer receives the pallet they ordered according to their needs as well as an on-time delivery. We can design a pallet and pallet program tailored to each customer's needs including:

  • New Pallets

  • Remanufactured Pallets

  • Custom Pallets

  • Heat Treated Pallets for Overseas/Across Border Export

  • Repair Services


Delivery Options:

  • Large Inventory of Pallets

  • Fleet of Vehicles

  • Dependable Delivery Service

  • High Quality Pallets

  • Flexible to Meet Your Needs

Our Promise: The Customer Always Comes First

Westside Pallet, Inc.'s facility is one of a kind, with a large facility to house a large inventory of pallets to meet all of our customer's demands. A clean and neat facility to insure that pallets are of the highest quality. Westside Pallet, Inc. buys, remanufactures and sells pallets to a large customer base of clients.


Let us get your pallets to you when you need them! We do everything we can to meet your delivery requirements. We provide a fast, friendly, and reliable delivery service.

Our Facility Has Custom Pallets for All Your Needs

We Buy, Sell & Repair Pallets