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Custom Pallets

New & Used Pallets

We typically make new pallets for customers that have either a preference of new wood or have a specific requirement. These pallets are manufactured to a certain specification provided by the customer. We use softwood and/or hardwood depending on the job requirement. Our used pallets have been previously used and then discarded or put aside to be returned to our repair facility. These pallets are sorted to size and then repaired to meet industry standards or customer expectations.

Westside Pallet, Inc. can manufacture any size pallet from either new, recycled or a combination of new and recycled material. These pallets will be manufactured to your specifications to meet your overall dimensions and weight requirements. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship.

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Heat Treated Pallets

Our heat-treated pallets are the only logical choice for any company involved in international shipping of palletized goods. Westside Pallet, Inc. heat-treats pallets in a state-of-the-art unit designed to treat truckload quantities at a time. The unit monitors, controls, and records core lumber temperatures throughout the entire chamber.